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1. What is ohbroadway?
Ohbroadwayprovides Broadway tickets and tour tickets at a discounted price. Reservations can be conveniently made 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days. We have focused to provide the best price for Broadway, Off-Broadway and Tour Tickets. Tickets, for example The Lion King and Wicked, which are sold out most of the time, can be easily booked at our website, at a cheaper rate. All shows have the various categories including Orchestra and Front Mezzanine seats, which are known as the best seats in the theater. Compared to booking at the ticket box or Broadway Brokers, you can save 20-50%.

2. How do I use

3. Is it cheaper to buy tickets through
We hold discounted tickets from all of our partners. It is also conveniently made so that you can purchase your show, tour, cruise tickets all in a single click.

4. Where is ohbroadwaylocated?
We are located on Midtown of Manhattan. You may also reach us at (212) 842-9311. If you have difficulty making reservations throughout website, you may stop by our office during the office hours.

  • Office Hours: Monday – Friday : 10am – 7 pm (Eastern Time)
  • Ticket Pick-up Hours: Monday – Friday : 10am – 7 pm (Eastern Time)
  • Office is closed Saturdays and Sundays,

5. Can I use my Credit Card?
Yes, We accept Visa and Master Card only.

6. What is the payment system for purchasing my tickets?
There are three easy options for making payments:

A. Credit Card at :
After choosing which ticket to buy, add the item to your shopping cart. Once you have entered the necessary information, for the last step, you’ll see a page for your credit card information. Visa and MasterCard are accepted. Once the payment has been processed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail along with your ticket voucher.

B. Credit Card by phone, fax or e-mail:
If you are unable to use our website, you may call, fax or e-mail our customer service line and we will assist you.

  • Phone: (212) 842-9311
  • E-mail:

Reservations made through phone and e-mail are processed with credit cards; Visa and MasterCard only. All purchases are in U.S. dollars.

C. Cash:
If you are unable to purchase the tickets with a credit card, you may stop by the office during office hours (M-F 10am – 7pm) and buy the tickets with cash.

7. I’ve reserved tickets for several shows. How many vouchers are sent to my e-mail?
One voucher per one show will be sent to the person who has made the reservation. The person must be present when exchanging it at the ticket box.

8. I’ve registered with a different name/I mistyped my name; is it possible to change the name on the voucher?
Yes, if the show date is more than ten (10) days away, please contact our customer service and we will process the name change. However, if there is less than ten (10) days left until the show date, no change can be made to the reservation. BUT, there have been cases where names have changed last minute, so please contact our customer service.

9. Can I use my student ID to exchange tickets at the box office?
No, you must bring a valid Government issued ID. The following are forms of Government issued ID: passport, driver’s license, non-driver’s license, military ID, etc. The person whom the ticket is reserved must be present at the time of ticket redemption.

10. How would I purchase tickets for a group?
If you are planning a trip from an institution, school, etc., please contact our customer service at and our representative will assist you. Depending on the show, you may be eligible for additional discounts.

11. What should I do if I can’t find the tickets I want on the website?
Some shows are not available for purchase at the moment. If you are having trouble finding the ticket you were looking for, please contact us and we will better assist you.

12. I didn’t’t receive the voucher, what should I do?
Once you have made your purchase, you will receive a payment confirmation along with a voucher via e-mail. If you did not receive any in your e-mail, please contact us at .
*Please check you SPAM MAILBOX.*

13. ‘No Category’ sign appears when I’m trying to make a reservation, What should I do?
If you can’t see any specific category when trying to make a reservation, that means Sold Out for that category or low stocks. So please contact our customer service and we will better assist you.

14. Is it OK if the credit card holder is not the person picking up the tickets?
Yes, that’s not a problem. However, the ticket pick-up person’s name must be present on the voucher. The pick-up person should also remember to bring a Government issued ID.

15. I have parties watching the show with my but we would like to pay separately. What should we do?
All purchases made through go through a system where all seating arrangements are made automatically. Therefore, does not manually arrange seats for individuals. This means, if purchases are made on different credit cards, you are not guaranteed to be seated consecutively. For example, if you have a party of three and would like to pay individually, all three orders will go into the system separately, meaning these are three separate orders. In order to be seated consecutively, please contact us at or call us at (212) 842-9311 and speak with our representative.

17. What steps would I/my company has to take in order to be affiliated with ohbroadway?
We hope that you/your company gain profit by working with Oh Show. If you have any questions regarding the affiliation process, please contact us at and we will send you the appropriate files.

18. How are the sections in Broadway theater divided?

  • Premium Seat: Facing the stage, seats in the center, near row E, on the first floor are called Premium seats. Premium seats are priced around $200-$300 per seats. Seats next to or behind these are in placed in Orchestra.
  • Orchestra Seat: It generally holds about 20 rows. Located on the first floor, sound and view is best in these seats.
  • Front Mezzanine: It usually overhangs about the 10th row of the Orchestra seats; therefore, the view is almost as good as the Orchestra seats. The first 7,8 rows of the Mezzanine are often called the Front Mezzanine.
  • Mid Mezzanine: In the case of theater being very big, there is a Mid Mezzanine between Front and Rear Mezzanine. Mid Mezzanine is right behind Front Mezzanine.
  • Rear Mezzanine: These seats are usually located at the far end of the second floor or the third floor. You may hear well however, the view might be a little out of focus. You can hardly see the performers.

*Keep in mind; all theaters have a different layout.*

An example of a theater map is:

19. Where will my seat be located?
We guarantee 100% the exact section you choose. If you choose the Orchestra and Front Mezzanine seats which are the best seats in the theater, the best available seats are arranged in that category. Starting from the center Orchestra, seats are arranged in the order they are booked. Unfortunately, if the show is almost sold out or purchased very close to the date, you will have less chance of getting center seats. Broadway shows are best if bought at least 2 months in advance. For tickets that are almost sold out, seat results will be the same even if the tickets are bought at the theater box office.

20. How do I get tickets for Broadway show
A. Buying tickets directly from the theater box office: You may directly go to the box office at located at the theater and purchase tickets from there. The box offices do not have any discounts so this option may be a little pricey. Box offices are normally opened from 10am-8pm; this may vary depending on the theater. You may purchase show tickets on the day of and receive your seating arrangements at the ticket box. If you would like to pick the day with the best seating options, you may ask the box representative for best seats and they will let you know in the date range you have provided. However, Sold Out tickets are unavailable anywhere you go, even if that is the theater box office.

B. Buying tickets through a ticket broker: If you are looking for a ticket that is already Sold Out, ticket broker might be your best bet. However, you’ll also have to pay the price. Tickets bought through a broker are usually 40% more of the actual ticket price. Sometime, including other fees, tickets might cost up to 50% more than the actual price. Nevertheless, if you are looking for tickets on Christmas or Valentine’s Day where most tickets are sold out, brokers might be your best bet.

C. Buying tickets at TKTS: This is the mostly known option for customer who doesn’t have a specific show in mind. If you would like to watch a show but don’t mind which one, you may walk up to the TKTS location during the day. TKTS sell tickets for that day show up to 20-50% discounted price. The tickets they sell are already printed and therefore, you don’t have a choice of which seat you get. From the list of shows that are available, for that day, you call out the name and they will tell you how much; it is difficult to ask any other. During the peak summer seasons and the month of December, you’ll have to wait approximately 2-3 hours on line to get a ticket. There is a $6 fee per ticket. You may also see the list of shows available at TKTS location on the web before waiting on line at

  1. Time Square location: Duffy Square, 47th street (Broadway), opened all year round. Monday – Saturday 3-8pm (evening shows), Wednesday & Saturday 10am-2pm (afternoon shows), Sunday 11am-7pm (evening shows).
  2. South Street Seaport: Pier 17, opened all year round. Monday – Saturday 11am-6pm, Sunday 11am-3: 30pm.

D. Buying tickets using coupons: For shows that are long-term or less popular, you may use the available coupons. Unlike TKTS, you don’t have to wait in line and have to option of choosing the date and seats for the show. Coupons are located at hotels and terminals. If you are staying at a hotel, ask the Concierge staff for the coupons since they aren’t’t very visible. Coupons have an expiration date and show are not available on weekends and major holidays; Christmas, Thanksgiving, Independence Day, etc.

E. Entering the ticket lottery: For customers who have time and don’t mind which show to watch, this might be the best idea. On the day of the show, you register your name and the number tickets needed (under 2) approximately 2-21/2 hours before the show time and wait for your name to be called. The name-calling process takes about half an hour and if your name is called, you go up to the front and purchase your ticket. Tickets are usually $20-$50 and purchased cash only.

F. Buying tickets through TDF: This option is recommended for students staying in N.Y. for a long period time and is planning to watch multiple shows. Register yourself at by sending a copy of your student ID and tickets are free for that year. Starting the year after you have registered, you will get 75% discounts on Broadway, Off-Broadway, Play, Dance, etc. There is a $25 registration fee and tickets are under $32.

21. When should I arrive at the theater?
Theater will open for seating 30 minutes prior to the show time. We recommend you arriving 15-30 minutes prior to the show time.

22. How should I dress?
This depends on the show. Though a tuxedo and an evening dress are no longer mandatory for attending a Broadway theater, a suit or sports coat will definitely be appropriate. Dress pants with decent shirt would be put on the median of the theater-goers.

23. Can I bring my suitcase to the theater?
A Coat Check is available at the theater. If you have any large items including suitcases, bags, coats, etc., please utilize the Coat Check. Please use the restroom before sitting in your seat and no outside food is allowed. If you have a purse or a small coat, please place them on your lap during the show. No photo/video can be recorded so do not take out your camera/cell phone. If found taking pictures, you may be asked to leave without refunds.

24. Where can I buy Broadway souvenirs??
Theaters carry official Broadway souvenir merchandises for all musicals and plays. Some of the merchandises they normally carry are: Broadway posters, t-shirts, mugs, magnets, key chains, jewelry, toys, CDs, DVDs, unique theater gifts, etc.

25. Is there a cheaper rate for children?
No, all tickets are sold at the same rate regardless of age. Children under 4 years of age will not be allowed in the theater and every one regardless of age must have their own ticket.

26. Can children 4 and under watch the show?
When it comes to children, the general rule for Broadway is that no one under 4 years old is allowed in the theater. Broadway officials will not check each child’s birth certificate when they walk in, but if he/she looks too young, they won’t be allowed into the theater. Also, regardless of how old they are, everyone must have a ticket.

27. I couldn’t’t make it to the show, can I watch it some other time?
If you couldn’t’t make it to the show and didn’t’t pick up the tickets, please pick them up as soon as possible (even on the next day). Broadway has a ‘Pass Date Ticket’ rule where tickets that have not been picked up can be used after the date of the show. The Pass Date rule only applies for Tuesday – Thursday showings and you will have to call the theater every day (keep in mind all theaters have a different number) to check if the show is sold out. If there are leftover seats, they will allow you to use your ticket which you haven’t used yet. Unfortunately, you are not guaranteed the seat which was initially assigned to you.
(Pass Date tickets are only available on Tuesday – Thursday showings. You must have the original ticket with on hand when going to watch the show. There are no reservations for Pass Date tickets so you can NOT go on Tuesday and ask for Wednesday’s ticket.)